Sunset Kiss Photo


When Caroline reached out to us to tell us of her plan to ask her girlfriend Brandi to marry her we were super excited!!

Caroline expressed how much she was wanting to have a beautiful overlook view of the lake. Neither of them had ever been to Lake Tahoe before and were definitely counting on us to help guide her. Coupled with the fact that we had gotten a considerable amount of snow, we had to be flexible with what the weather threw at us. Consequently, the location needed to be somewhere that had access and was safe to move around in. We chose a spot after going there a few days prior just to ensure that it was accessible and safe. Therefore we must admit just how stoked we were to end up with a bluebird day and clear skies. Seriously though we got so lucky!!

When planning a proposal session, we always go over everything ahead of time to explicitly point out exact directions along with which direction to face and any other questions.  What is really nice about having a husband and wife team there to capture your proposal is that you get two unique angles of when the actual proposal happens.

When we spoke with Caroline she had let us know she was planning on bringing an album that she had put together of some of their best moments together.

 Prior to the proposal, she had mailed it our way so that we could set it up in the exact right spot. For this reason, she knew exactly where to go. This of course definitely helped to calm some of those pre-proposal jitters. On the last page of the album, she had placed a sign that asked Brandi to marry her. We really loved the thought she put into this idea and how cute it was watching them go through the album together.

When they got into position and the moment unfolded we then met up for an adventurous session together after the ring was on. We were so happy that Caroline had listened to us and brought snow traction spikes for their boots as the snow was really slippery that day. Even under those circumstances, these girls proved to have such an adventurous spirit.  They totally went the extra mile without complaint when we asked them to scamper up big boulders to get a perfect shot.

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