Lake Tahoe Maternity Photographers

Lake Tahoe Maternity Photographer

A Lake Tahoe Winter Maternity Session

Winter here in Tahoe can always be challenging as we are at Mother Nature’s mercy.

Being a Lake Tahoe Maternity Photographer, we can shoot in pretty much any condition save for full-on blizzards and hail storms, it was indeed lucky for us that the day we picked out for Jamie & Jake’s winter maternity session ended up being a balmy 40+ degrees. With this in mind, we had been having a “real” stormy week leading up to their session day. Needless to say, we were beyond thrilled that the storms held at bay for their session.

As soon as we met up they were quick to let us know that they had never loved any photos they had taken. Not to mention including their wedding images and how they always look and feel so awkward in photos. Of course, while we don’t understand how such a stunning couple could ever look awkward,  this is one of our most known client worries.  We were quick to explain that we are here to help put them at ease and that we aim to capture who they are in their images. Henceforth, no weird over-posing or funny expressions need to apply. Moreover what we aim to capture in our sessions is natural and relaxed expressions and that is exactly what we ended up with from their beautiful session!

Coupled with the fact that it was such a perfect day with beautiful weather, we were over the moon about the stunning blue dress Jamie chose to wear. Not only was it so stunning on her, it popped in contrast against the wintry backdrop. She seriously looked effortless in all of the images and both of them made the day so much fun with their willingness to tromp around through the snowy terrain. As a result of their willingness and aptitude for adventure, we were able to explore the forest, and the lake as well as a trip to a nearby meadow. On the whole, the day was perfect and as a result, we were blown away by how beautiful the images came out and how awkward both of them didn’t look:-)

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