Boulders Lake Tahoe

A Springtime Surprise Proposal

We are so fortunate to have stunning backdrops to capture a Lake Tahoe Proposal. When Sabin first reached out to us he told us that “Christina is the love of my life. We have been together for 5 years. We met in college and shortly after graduation, I was shipped away for military service. Through every major life event, she has been my number 1 supporter and there is no one else I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have recently transitioned out of the Army and now live in San Francisco, CA. She still resides in NJ and it’s time for her to come to me and end this long-distance relationship. I want this to be the best day of her life.”

Together we planned a surprise proposal session and Sabin let us know how he wanted a Lake overview location to capture the moment.

Having had a big winter, we still had a lot of snow on the ground making some locations still inaccessible. That being said, we felt so blessed when we went for a site scouting view a few days in advance to find the snow had melted out which allowed us to complete access in hiking down to the lake. For the actual proposal, we had Sabin pull Christina up onto a large boulder to make for an unobstructed view of them from both of our angles(as a husband & wife team). She had no idea this was going to happen and Christina’s expression was so honest and real. Once they both had a chance to compose themselves, we headed out to explore together.

After a sketchy weather report leading up to the date, we first had a few minor snow flurries and strong winds.

No problem as we first then holed up in a cave to protect ourselves from the howling wind. This weather however only lasted a brief moment and we then headed out to explore some more together. This couple was really up for anything and didn’t think twice when we asked them to scamper out over the frigid water onto some boulders and climb anywhere we asked of them. The love that these two share and their connection is truly unmistakable. The session that day ended with unbelievable blue skies and happy hearts.

If you’re planning a Lake Tahoe Proposal, we’d love to hear from you.

Our contact form is the best way to reach out. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to browse through our proposal gallery to view more of our work. You can also check out our Insta feed for our latest sessions. Sabin and Christina’s surprise proposal was also featured on Tahoe Unveiled.