Proposal at Emerald Bay

Before viewing their proposal at Emerald Bay, you definitely must know their backstory. Yogi and Anila have known each other practically their entire lives. Their families were already friends before they were born so they techincally met when they were just babies. Their families are the best of friends so they’d hang out on a monthly basis for dinner parties and other small get togethers. Ever since they were young kids they had a crush on one another. Yogi moved away to Kansas when they were 12 and thus they stopped seeing each other for 10 years. Upon graduating college, Yogi moved back to California and they reconnected and started dating officially for roughly 5 months. The relationship did not work out and they ended up breaking up and then not talking for another 3 years.

Destiny Takes Over

As fate would have it, one day they ended up at a birthday party together. This chance moment the rekindled their connection! From then on he asked her out on a couple dates and things just really took off and realized how much they loved on another. Talk about a romance that was set in the stars from the very beginning. We were more then happy to watch their proposal  at Emerald Bay unfold and of course Anila said yes!

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