Lake Tahoe Family Portraits

Ashley & Jake were married years ago at Edgewood. Therefore it was only natural that they wanted to capture their family portraits here with their sweet baby girl Liv to join them.  Getting to know them while exploring aspen filled forest scenery was completed by spectacular mountin views. Typically we like to schedule our sessions for that golden hour lighting which is usually around 1.5-2 hours before sunset. However, being parents ourselves, we do realize that some children don’t always cooperate with a later evening session time. Therefore, we always will accomodate our families that need a daytime or morning session time by choosing our location so that we have open shade which still makes for pretty lighting. Honestly though, with our choice of stunning scenery here in Tahoe, who’s complaning. If you are looking to have your family portraits done when you are in Lake Tahoe,  please get in touch.