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Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographers: Manjila + Matthew

Separate countries cannot keep true love apart and we were stoked to capture this sweet couples bliss as their Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographers. Manjila & Matthew might live on two different continents but we could clearly see how their love for each other keeps their relationship strong. With India being where Matthew is originally from and Manjila being from Nepal it is amazing how these two souls found each other. Their love story began when they met in a small island community off the coast of India where they both were living and working at the time. They shared a common love of the small island life where you would literally have to rent a boat to get anywhere. Work and school however being necessary in their lives found them now living in locations far away from each other.  Matthew now lives and works in Australia. Manjila now resides in Berkeley and is finishing up her studies in San Fransisco.  Maintaining a long distance relationship and planning a wedding is never easy but these two have managed to remain close while so far away. They soon will have to decide on what continent they will call home once Manjila is finished with her studies.

They told us that Tahoe called to them to have their photos taken as they felt it is a perfect location with stunning scenery for the images. We were super excited to meet these two and honored to be their Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographers.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photos: © Blue Lotus PhotographyLake Tahoe Wedding Photographer: © Blue Lotus PhotographyLake Tahoe Engagement Photographer: © Blue Lotus PhotographySeriously though the way these two were looking at each other….
Mountain Engagement Photos: © Blue Lotus PhotographyTheir first outfit change…stunning!! So dramatic against the snowy backdrop.
Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers: © Blue Lotus Photography

This dress was so gorgeous on her and we just love the candidness of this image….a moment shared between them. Literally spent a few minutes at most walking on the dock but stoked with the outcome!!
Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographers

Manjila then changed into a traditional Indian dress to honor Matthew’s heritage and the colors of their clothing together just popped in the scene. They are such a beautiful couple. Those eyes!!

Lake Tahoe Engagement Photos: © Blue Lotus Photography
Valhalla Lake Tahoe: © Blue Lotus Photography

The day ended with the weather warming up just enough to feel some sunshine goodness. We were happy to be a part of this sweet couples journey and wish them both so much happiness ahead!! To check out more of our engagement sessions or other work, pop on over to our website

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