Summer Heavenly Lake Tahoe Wedding

Angela and Mike’s wedding was originally planned to be held at the Lodge on the Nevada side of Heavenly but nature had other plans. It was the first wedding that was planned to be held at that particual location and unfortunately the gondolas to get up to the spot were on wind and lightening hold.

We hung around with the ladies in Heavenly Village, with the bride patiently waiting until we could be let up. At a point it was time for her to get dressed so one of the local hotels,Forest SuitesResort, was kind enough to let us use one of their rooms for the girls to get ready in.

Well the weather still was making it so that we couldn’t ride the gondolas up so we made the most of our time waiting it out. We ended up having an outragesously fun time with these ladies. Naturally with the crazy weather, we also ran into a burro. Definite photo op.

While I would love to say that the weather cleared up and we were able to ascend to the lodge, that is not what the day had in store. After a whole three hours of waiting it out, the wedding planners at Blue Sky Events along with the staff at Heavenly, made the call to move the wedding to the California side as the tram unlike the gondolas was able to run in the weather.

Major kudos to all of the staff and everyone involved in moving a wedding on the day of. Not an easy task at all but we were seriously impressed with the professionalism and grace at which they handled it.

No one more so however then Angela our bride. Somehow in the shuffle of all the madness, her veil went missing. Nothing however could stop her from smiling and she took it all in stride. Needless to say that when she finally was able to walk down the aisle over three hours late, that the guests burst out into spontaneous applause!  The evening went off without a hitch and we even got a stunning sunset.