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Kurt + Gurminder {V. Sattui Wedding}

We rolled into downtown Napa to meet up with our bride Gurminder at the Hotel Avia.  The sun was out and the weather was absolutely perfect. A very great start to a lovely day. If you haven’t been to the Hotel Avia, we surely suggest you check it out if you are in Napa for a little R&R and wine tasting. The hotel was very plush and the lighting was just right.

I feel almost out of words for this wedding as lovely seems the only way to describe it…I will let the photos do the talking(well most of it anyway)

Red peep toe shoes…very nice:0) I have a thing for red shoes. They have a lot of “muchness”.

Our lovely bride puts on the finishing touches.

The groomsmen did a Conga Dance all the way from their hotel room and into the ladies room to bring Gurminder a token of Kurt’s affection.

Side-note:  As a little girl, I used to do the conga dance all the way up the stairs in a line with my grandmother, brother and cousin on our way to do some brushing of our teeth. The conga line brought me back to that very moment when the guys entered the room.

Gotta love nostalgia.

Gurminder’s reaction to the gift=priceless. Classic pearls no one can resist. Kurt chose well.

I am in love with Gurminder’s dress. She looked amazing in it!

The light cascading into the room as we left to photograph the ladies….gorgeous…exclamation point….

You are stunning Gurminder and our cameras you to pieces.

Seriously adore the contrast withe the henna and the softness of the bouquet. The flowers smelled as lovely as they looked.

WOW. BOOM. BAM! Beautiful lady.

Pretty girls….

Hello pink sun flare…caught this moment of the guests mingling as they arrived and I just love sun flares….pink to boot!

The infatuation with sun flares continues for an impromptu shot of the guys.

The ceremony site at V. Sattui is so pretty. Super grand entrance for sure

I love how it appears as if Gurminder is coming in over a horizon….almost like a mirage.

Words don’t describe.


The bridal party seriously rocked! They were all so fun and easy to work with.

Yes the men were rocking the red penny loafers and fantastical socks. Yes I had to make up a word to describe these socks.

The mini appetizers were so darn cute…these little sliders with fries…too bad we were too busy photographing to enjoy…Yum!

Sneaking off to the vineyard with Kurt and Gurminder was so well worth it. The light was lovin them and we were lovin the light.

Little did we know that this sign held a special meaning to Kurt and Gurminder….made us happy to have such serendipity.

The room was set up so beautifully. The ambiance and warmth were amazing!

First dance as husband and wife..

Feelin the love

This group was cutting the rug….wait let me rephrase…they were tearing it up!

Felt like we were on vacation and just happening to capture a moment of two lovers dancing in the villa.

and they lived happily ever after….

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  • Carroll Swager - Your photography is phenomenal! These are so wonderfully done. I love all the fun pictures you took! Your photos depict the fun they all had at the wedding!!!

  • Benjamin Gogna - This is a beautiful, beautiful collection!!!!!

    The images are alive and give off the happiest emotion.

  • Pamela Johnstone - A gorgeous collection of a very special day!!

  • Blue Lotus Photography - Thank you SO much for the kind words. Can’t begin to describe how much it means to hear it!

  • Gurminder Gahir - I am in love with these pictures and feel so lucky to have found such amazing talented photographers. Can’t stop looking at them, thank you for capturing all the details. You guys are awesome!

  • Carli Rose - Thank you for capturing the beauty of our couple and of V. Sattui Winery. Our venue looks almost as amazing as our couple :0) Your images are fantasic! Would you mind emailing some of your favorites to me for my Sattui blog?

  • Janice Gogna - Love these pic’s. Shows the love you two have for each other. I’m so glad you invited me into your wedding. Can’t wait to see all of the pic’s.

  • Blue Lotus Photography - Hello Carli,
    Thank you so much for the kind words…and everyone for that matter:0) I will definitely email you some over for your blog. How exciting!!

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